Flaér TERRA Fluid: This fluid is ideal for gravel and off-road cycling, particularly in wet and dirty conditions. If you're venturing into environments where your bike is likely to encounter water, mud, and other debris, this fluid is designed to perform optimally under such circumstances.

Flaér VIA Fluid: The Via fluid is tailored for both gravel and road use, especially in dry and dusty conditions. If you're tackling dusty trails or dry roads, this fluid is formulated to provide excellent performance in these scenarios.

* Both fluids share the same base fluid composition, allowing them to be mixed without any issues in the reservoir. This means that you can switch between the Terra and Via fluids as needed without the requirement to drain and refill the system; a simple top-up with either fluid will suffice.

Having these specialized fluids is advantageous because it allows cyclists to optimize their chain performance for specific environmental conditions, ensuring a smoother and more efficient ride while minimizing wear on the drivetrain. This flexibility provides cyclists with the ability to adapt to varying conditions without the hassle of a complete fluid change.


Here you find installation Guide for The Flaér Revo Via

Flaér via chain performance system via Cyclehub.dk


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