How do I return my order.?

Return Portal
We want to make shopping at simple and easy, so you can buy a return label at a good price.
Please use the following link, to our returns portal,


Click HERE - Cyclehub Return Portal


Offen Asked Queations

  • Which order number should I enter? - You must enter the order number that is on the order on which the return item was originally purchased.
  • I have items from several orders, can I send them together? - Yes, you can simply write down one of the order numbers in the field above and the rest on a piece of paper. The paper must be sent in the box when you return the goods.
  • I only return part of my order, how does that work? - You get the money back for the item(s) we receive back, so you don't have to send all items from an order back.
  • How do I get the money back? - The money is put back on the payment card that was used to buy the item.
  • How long does it take to process my return? - All returned goods are taken the same day they arrive. From the time you hand over the package in a GLS parcel shop, it typically takes 2 working days before we receive it.
  • Where can I find the nearest GLS Package Shop? - Find the nearest Pakkeshop HER


Cyclehub offers a 30-day FREE right of return and cancellation policy, valid from the day you receive your goods, provided that the goods are returned in the same condition and quantity as they were received.
If the condition of the item has deteriorated, Cyclehub has the right to assess the item's loss in value and credit the item's current value.
We always aim for you to get the money credited 2 working days after receiving the return, subject to extraordinary busyness. If you want a different size or product, and if you want a fast delivery, we recommend that you immediately buy a new product via the webshop.


Returned goods are delivered, or sent to
Bakkegaards Alle 32
DK-5550 Langeskov
Tlf: +4561205284



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