With excellent brake modulation, cooler braking temperatures, and improved wet-weather performance, SwissStop Flash EVO Black Prince offer a great overall experience.


Instructions for bedding your new pads to achieve optimum performance: 
On a downhill slope, lightly apply the brakes for 20-30 seconds, alternating between front and rear. Repeat this 2-3 times. Please use caution and when applying the front brake only. Remember to keep your weight over the rear wheel. For best results, bed in new pads in dry conditions.

SwissStop brake pads


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Flash EVO Installation









Do not loosen or remove the brake pad holder. Remove the small fixing screw (if present) and slide out the old pad. Clean the brake pad holder and insert the new brake pad. When the pad is not fixed with a screw check to make sure the pad will not slide out of the holder. When changing the complete brake pad and holders, please refer to the instructions for changing brake pads on mountain bikes.

When changing rubber brake pads, please be sure to clean rim and all brake surfaces of any foreign particles. Please consult the manufacturer of the rim for proper cleaning method of the rim brake surface.

IMPORTANT Rubber brake pads must never touch the tire and must be aligned properly with the braking surface.

IMPORTANT Be sure to check function of complete brake system before riding.

SwissStop recommends having rubber rim brake pads changed by a professional mechanic at an authorized SwissStop dealer.