Velo Six Disc

Velo Six Disc by Elitewheels

Velo Six Disc by Elitewheels


Elitewheels is a big proponent of marginal gains and knows that many small improvements can add up. The Velo Six Disc features a wider internal rim width improving rolling resistance with wider tires, which have the added benefit of improved comfort on less than optimal road surfaces as well as increasing grip in wet conditions. The 28mm outer width was chosen to make the wheelset aerodynamically optimized for 25-28mm tires without compromising the wheel’s aerodynamics.

*The Velo Six Disc features Glossy Raw Finish which is created by putting a clearcoat over the rim without additional finish. This allows for you to see the actual UD carbon layup. Any small imperfections that are covered up by traditional Matte, Glossy, 3K, or 12k finish, are made visible. These cosmetic imperfections exist on all carbon wheels regardless of the finish and have no impact on performance or durability.

Velo Six Disc by Elitewheels


What separates this wheelset from the pack is the shape of the spokes. While there are other one piece road wheels available, the spokes on the Velo Six are considerably more aerodynamic, minimizing coefficient of drag through reducing the frontal area and mimicking the ideal teardrop shape.
The one piece design makes the wheel much stiffer laterally than traditional spoked wheels, giving you maximum power transfer.

Velo Six Disc hub


Elitewheels designs and manufactures its own hubs. The front and rear hubs are made of 7075 aluminum which is known for it’s high strength. The lightweight freehub uses a 36t ratchet system for straightforward maintenance and proven reliability.

Velo Six Disc BEARINGS


The S&S ceramic bearings in the Velo Six Disc were specifically chosen for their low rolling resistance and excellent durability. Using Fanuc CNC machines, our hubs are machined to a tolerance of 0.02mm. This precision is especially important for ceramic bearings to minimize rolling resistance and increase longevity.