Since 2013, Elitewheels has been deeply committed to designing and manufacturing exceptionally high quality carbon fiber bicycle wheels.

What sets Elitewheels apart is their self-owned factory, where they manage every step from development and testing to production, all under one roof. This approach empowers Elitewheels to craft carbon wheels of superior quality and maintain an elevated standard across the board.

EliteWheels Drive, Road, Denmark
EliteWheels Drive, Denmark
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Each new wheel purchased from Cyclehub.dk benefits from a 3-year warranty. 
Our warranty is a statement of Elitewheels continued commitment to manufacturing high quality products.

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EliteWheels via Cyclehub.dk Drive 50D
EliteWheels via Cyclehub.dk Drive 65D
EliteWheels via Cyclehub.dk Drive G45