About us

Tested and ridden by local heroes,


Cyclehub is all about sharing our experience, and from experience provide and pick great cycling products to cyclists at all levels.


Tested and ridden by local heroes.
At Cyclehub we are all cyclists, and we are proud to test and ride our products, and from this experience we accept or reject products according to our standards.


Value for money
It’s important the expensive products ads equal value & benefits to the ride, and therefore products need to meet standards, 


We are people from the local bike community in Denmark, ranging from bike riders, former wholesalers and bike nerds.
As the cost of mainstream cycling products continues to rise, the idea of buying and testing other components then main brands came to live,


Our Goal
Goal is to give you a good service, and offer products often overseen, or not seen before,


We are based in Denmark, and where our experience comes from.
Denmark has a large bike community, and some of the best biking roads in the world. We may not have the largest mountain, but some of the best side winds.


The name.?
As a former IT worker and developer, a hub for me is a Center part of a circular object, where all data passes, such as a switch or router. This means all the best from cycling passes through here.
The yellow color is as a tribute to a former family company.