Drive Helix 57D Rims


In designing the Drive Helix 57D wheelset, the goal was to create something that ticked all of the boxes. It had to not only be aero, light, laterally stiff, strong, but also crosswind resistant. To accomplish this, we used our in-house UNI carbon fiber, which is a mixture of our custom resin and genuine Japanese Toray T700 an T800 carbon fiber. It allows our wheels to be stiff, light, and strong enough to go far beyond the UCI’s vertical impact test. Our patented undulating rim profile draws on inspiration from the tubercle effect found widely in nature, allowing for a significant improvement in stability in windy conditions.
The wheels are aerodynamically optimized for 28-30mm tires. The front wheel’s wider 31.8mm external width improves airflow around the rim, offering further stability in crosswinds. Both the front and rear rim depths were also chosen specifically to the needs of road riders. The Drive Helix 57D’s mixed depth wheels allow for the best of both worlds when it comes to aerodynamics, weight, and control.



No stone was left unturned when designing the Drive Helix 57D wheelset. Newer, more aerodynamic carbon spokes were selected without sacrificing weight or durability, allowing them to remain approximately 3 grams each. These 5.2mm spokes are the most aerodynamic of their kind available.
What makes our spokes special is that unlike bonded carbon fiber spokes, these are replaceable just like traditional steel spokes. Using a more advanced design, Drive Helix spokes do not experience spoke twist, so they are always in the most aerodynamic orientation and do not lose spoke tension over time.



What makes the Evolution hub unique is our Helical Dual Ratchet System, the first of its kind (patent pending). This freehub mechanism uses a helical drive mechanism, which uses the torque from pedaling to force the ratchets together. This prevents the slipping and skipping that is experienced under high torque on other hubs. It also allows for a weaker spring, reducing rolling resistance and as well as ratchet tooth wear, making them last longer. The hub also makes uses of two separate 60 tooth offset ratchet mechanisms, making it the highest engagement ratchet style hub available at only 3° or 120 points of engagement.
When designing the Evolution hub, no stone was left unturned. The freehub body is made of titanium alloy, making it not only highly resistant to wear from the cassette, but also lightweight. High grade precision TPI ceramic bearings were chosen to improve longevity and reduce rolling resistance. Our CNC machines have 0.02mm tolerances, guaranteeing a perfect bearing fit, decreasing rolling resistance and further increasing the lifespan of the bearings.


Aerodynamic Testing

At Elitewheels, we see value in ensuring what we offer performs rather than just looking good on paper. In addition to the the 20+ laboratory test at our factory, we also employ CFD testing as well as real world testing by our pro teams and riders.
CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) allows us to aerodynamically optimize wheelsets before even producing the first prototype. During the design phase, we conduct a series of advanced computer simulations that take hundreds of hours each. After our engineering team is satisfied, we are ready for stress testing in our lab.
Once the development of our wheels is finished, we not only test the wheels out ourselves, but we also send them to professional cyclists. We are working with our sponsored UCI continental pro teams and riders, getting their feedback. Their experience riding hundreds of thousands of kilometers each with a large number of wheelsets gives us a unique perspective.


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